Students who officially withdraw from a term (or semester) with the university within a refund period (see the withdrawal schedules below) receive a pro-rata refund based on the effective withdrawal date approved by their undergraduate college office, graduate department office or CITL registration office for non-degree students which CITL registers.

Withdrawing means dropping ALL courses for the semester after the first day of instruction due to student choice including financial or physical hardship. If you are only enrolled in 1 course, then dropping that course after it starts requires withdrawal. Assessed Tuition, the Service Fee, AFMFA, Library/Information Technology Fee, General Fee, Transportation Fee and Student Initiated Fees are refunded on a pro-rata basis, less an administrative fee of $50 applied by the Bursar’s Office. Health Insurance and Health Service fees are not refundable. Students who are assessed Health Insurance and Health Service fees will continue to be covered and eligible to receive Health Services until the first day of instruction of the next term. The Bursar’s Office provides debt collection options.

Withdrawal Schedule

Following are the withdrawal schedules for the university, listed by term. See our academic calendars for information on official academic dates, including the deadlines for adding and dropping classes. All students can withdraw without ‘W’ grades on their academic record up the 50% or halfway point of the semester. Graduate students can withdraw without ‘W’ grades on their academic record up to the 75% point of their majority of classes.

Withdrawal schedules for past semesters can be found in our Archive.

Withdrawal Process

Effective the first day of classes for a term, Student Self-Service will no longer be available for a student to cancel or withdraw from enrollment for the term. Withdrawal must be accomplished by use of the Withdrawal Form available at the student’s undergraduate college office or graduate department office.

The undergraduate college, graduate department or Registrar’s Office have been designated as the official offices for withdrawals. When a student notifies the official office of their intent to withdraw from the university, the date of that notification will be the date designated as the withdrawal effective date. The university has a pro-rata refund policy, so withdrawals should not be backdated unless extenuating circumstances exist.

A cancellation of registration may only be permitted if the student has not attended class nor used university services during the term. A cancellation may be allowable if no classes were attended and payment for services at McKinley Health Center or Student Health Insurance were arranged directly with those offices.  A cancellation is only valid if dated prior to the first day of instruction for that term unless extenuating circumstances exist.

Graduate Students

Graduate students should request a completed Withdrawal/Cancellation Form from their department office or Graduate College. The graduate department’s authorized signature should be on the Department Office line of the form. International students are required to secure the signature from International Student and Scholar Services. In addition, graduate students must obtain the signature of a Graduate College dean before the completed form is submitted to the Office of the Registrar.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students should request a completed Withdrawal Form from their college office. The form should be signed by a dean of the college. Undergraduate student’s college office should route the signed form to the International Student and Scholar Services for international students or to the Registrar’s Office for processing.

Nondegree Students

Nondegree students enrolled through the Registrar’s Office Nondegree Services Unit should complete and submit the Change of Status Form and Withdrawal Form as instructed on the forms. 

More information regarding cancellation of registration and withdrawal from the university is available in Article 3, Part 3 and Part 5, of the Student Code.

Information about medical withdrawals is available on the Dean of Students website.