Conferral Dates

Following is the list of official conferral dates for the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign for previous, current, and upcoming years.

2008May 11August 04December 22
2009May 17August 10December 21
2010May 16August 09December 20
2011May 15August 08December 19
2012May 13August 06December 24
2013May 12August 05December 23
2014May 17August 11December 22
2015May 16August 10December 21
2016May 14August 08December 19
2017May 13August 07December 26
2018May 12August 06December 24
2019May 11August 05December 23
2020May 16August 10December 21
2021May 15August 09December 20
2022May 14August 08December 19
2023May 13August 07December 18
2024May 11August 05December 23
2025May 17August 11December 22
2026May 16August 10December 21
2027May 15August 9December 20
2028May 13August 7December 18
2029May 12August 6December 17
2030May 11August 5TBD