DARS Audit

A Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) Audit is an unofficial audit of progress toward the undergraduate student degree that reflects courses currently in progress.

Generate an Audit

University of Illinois students can view a version of their degree audit report through DARSweb for Students. This report is an unofficial audit of your degree progress that reflects courses currently in progress. Watch for additional information and advisories specific to your college at the top of your degree audit. Read the following instructions before generating a web audit.

Logging In

Use your Enterprise ID and password to log in to the system. These are the same values that are used to log in to Student Self-Service.

Audit Request Page

To run an audit, click “Audits” in the DARSweb menu. Select “Request New Audit.” There are two options for running audits:

  1. Run Default Programs Listed
    The default degree program reflects your current degree program and catalog year stored in the DARwin database. Click “Radio” to select this option. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Submit a New Audit.”
  2. Run Selected Program
    This option allows a student to run a degree audit for a program that differs from the values currently stored in the DARwin database. Click “Radio” next to this option. Enter the following values:

    • College:
This value must be the college that offers the program. “Degree Prog” dropdown values are linked to the appropriate college value.
    • Degree Prog:
The degree program format is major code/concentration code/degree. For example, 00954004BS is an Elementary Education major with a Spanish area of concentration pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree.
    • Catalog Year:This value controls which requirements appear in the degree audit report. All requirements have an effective date associated with them. The catalog year value determines which version of a particular requirement is included in the degree audit report. Entering an incorrect catalog year may result in an inaccurate report.

After the report is requested, the Audits page will appear. This page will jump as it refreshes. The report will eventually be returned to the application for display. When the report returns from DARwin, click “Details” to view the report.

If the report does not display after a reasonable interval, email our Degree Audit Specialist for assistance.

View Audits

Students may view a previously run audit. Choose “Audits” in the menu and select “View Audits.” Click “Details” to view a particular report. Audits are purged on a weekly basis.

What-If Courses

Students may add a hypothetical course to a degree audit to determine what effect it may have on the report. To add a what-if course, enter the following:

  • YR/TM: 
This field defines the semester the student took the hypothetical course. The format used is year/term (e.g., Spring of 2012 would be 201201). The term values are 01 (Spring), 05 (Summer), or 08 (Fall).
  • Course: 
This field is the course subject and number. Spacing is critical and must conform to this mask: aaaa<two spaces>nnn. If a course has a subject with less than 4 characters, the user must space to the 7th position to begin typing the course number.
  • RCredit: 
This value is the number of credit hours associated with the hypothetical course.
  • Grade: 
Select a grade from the dropdown menu. All Illinois grades are valid values.
  • Title: 
The course title is an optional field and will not appear in the audit.
  • Memo: 
Notes associated with the hypothetical course may be entered in this field.

Logging Out

Select “Logout” on the DARSweb for Students menu. Select “Exit DARSWeb.” The logout screen will appear stating that the session was successfully completed.

Protect your personal information by closing all open browser windows when terminating your DARSWeb session. (Each report is viewed in a separate window.)

Audit Limitations

This audit does not take the place of regular academic advising sessions and should not be used to make decisions about future course selection. It is your responsibility to confirm official degree progress by consulting with academic advisors and college admissions or records officers.

In addition, please note the following:

  • The report accesses day-old Banner data. Since it is not a live report, changes made to a student’s record (e.g., dropping a course) are not immediately reflected.
  • Transfer course articulations may be incomplete, especially if a student runs a report for a major that is not the student’s default value in the DARwin database.
  • Study abroad credits may not be finalized.
  • The DARSweb system is not available from 1:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. daily.

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