The Registration Process

Students use the Student Self-Service website to register. Registration is processed through Banner.

We recommend that you print a copy of the troubleshooting guide. This document includes very specific information about how to troubleshoot Banner error messages that students may encounter during the registration process.

For further information on registration, visit our general Registration section.

Late Add/Drop

Students who wish to add a course after the deadline must obtain the approval of the teaching department. The department places an approval stamp on the student’s Late Course Change Form after the department is satisfied that the student will be able to make up missed work.

Undergraduate & Professional Students

Undergraduate and professional students should take the form to the college office, where the course will be added to the student’s record after the dean has given his or her approval.

Graduate Students

Graduate students must have the approval of their advisor prior to depositing the form. A grade of W is automatically assigned by Banner to all drop actions after the deadline.

Colleges must forward all approved drops and adds to the Office of the Registrar’s Registration Services unit after the college can no longer access the add-drop feature in Banner. This occurs the last day of finals for the semester. Specific dates are published in our academic calendars.