Waivers & Exemptions

Some students have received tuition and fee waivers or are exempt from particular fees.


If you receive a waiver, you are assessed the amount of the charge but the amount is waived by university policy. You are eligible to receive the benefits of the service provided by the normal assessment of the fee. Tuition and fee waivers are not granted for Executive MBA or other full-cost programs.


If you are exempt from a particular fee, you are not eligible to receive the benefits of the services provided by the fee. If you have an exemption from any fee because you are registered in credit ranges III or IV, you may obtain the benefits of the service provided by making individual arrangements.

Additional Information

Detailed information on tuition and fee waivers and exemptions is published in the Student Code. If you believe that you qualify for any of the waivers or exemptions, consult the staff at:

Office of Student Financial Aid

Student Services Arcade Building 

620 E John Street, MC-303 

Champaign, IL 61820

Email: finaidwaivers@illinois.edu
Phone: 217.333.0100