Faculty & Staff

The Office of the Registrar is dedicated to serving the faculty and staff here at the University of Illinois. This section offers information and details on the services we offer.

Courses of Instruction

Learn how to submit a course proposal or revision, how course fees are assessed, and more. See courses of instruction.

Course Scheduling

Learn how we work with you to develop the class schedule each semester.


Read the University’s troubleshooting guide for registration.

Final Exam Scheduling

Learn how we work with you to schedule final exams each semester.


Find detailed information regarding grade processing.


Discover all you need to know when it comes to graduation.


Read about student rights when it comes to official records and participate in training.

Reporting & Data Access

Get to know our reporting systems and how to access data, including Banner and DARS.


See a comprehensive list of Office of the Registrar–related deadlines and activities.


Read our policies as they relate to faculty and staff.