Fall 2023 & Spring 2024 Undergrad Fees by Credit Range

Campus fees, except health insurance, are mandatory for students in campus based programs, according to enrolled hours as shown below. All students will be assessed fees at the below range based rates regardless of whether they are enrolled in on-campus or online classes and regardless of student location.

Range I

(12+ hours)

Range II

(6-11 hours)

Range III

(1-5 hours)

Range IV

(0 hours)

Service Fee †
$340 $340
General Fee †
$305 $305 $305 $305
Health Insurance Fee 1 $784 $784 $784 $784
Health Service Fee †  4
$251 $251
Transportation Fee $68 $68
Student Initiated Fees †
$73 $73
AFMFA $365 $243 $122 $61
Library & Information Tech $244 $163 $81 $41
Total $2,430 $2,227 $1,292 $1,191
4Health Service Fee if nondegree in University Housing $251 $251 $251 $251

1Health Insurance Fee is the only campus fee for which a waiver is available.  If you are not automatically charged for health insurance, but need insurance coverage, contact the Student Health Insurance Office.

Detailed information about Service, General, Health Service, and Student Initiated fees.

Students enrolled in the following programs are not eligible for university health insurance:

  • Non-degree status through the CITL Office
  • Fully online LAS/BS in Earth, Society & Environmental Sustainability
  • Fully online School of Social Work/iBSW program
  • Fully online Early Childhood Education BS/Professional Ed-Licensure
  • Fully online Early Childhood Education BS/Professional Ed-Non-Licensure

Engineering City Scholars are charged a combination of Urbana and Chicago campus fees.

Other Potential Costs

International Student fee applies to all undergraduate international exchange students $75
Illinois in Washington Program experiential learning fee $1,500
Social Work clinical experience fee applies to students during spring semester they qualify as Junior class level $750
Human Development and Family Studies practical experience supervision fee applies to students both semesters of their Junior year $547.50
Day1Access Fall 2023 pilot program to provide lowest cost digital course materials for CMN 101, HIST 100 and THEA 101 varies by course