Fall 2023, Spring 2024 & Summer 2024 Graduate Certificate Tuition Rates

The following tuition rates apply to all students enrolled in the listed Certificate as their primary program of study. Since tuition is charged generally based on what primary program you are studying, no additional tuition is charged for enrollment in courses that complete these Certificates if you are enrolled in a different primary program of study. The Certificates listed below are recorded on official transcripts and are financial aid eligible. Any other certificates are NOT recorded on official transcripts or financial aid eligible.

* Students in cost-recovery and self-supporting programs will be charged $264 tuition per ESL 592 or 593 course and/or $528 tuition for enrollment in all other ESL 500 level classes.

† The per hour tuition rate could vary for classes outside the program’s curricula. Zero credit-only courses are assessed at the one-hour resident rate.

The cost of attendance also includes indirect cost allowances for food, housing, books, supplies and other expenses.  You will not be billed by the university for these costs unless you live in university housing. Use the Illinois Cost Calculator for an estimated cost of attendance.

Gies College of Business

Certificate Delivery Format Tuition
Accounting Data Analytics* Online $850 per hour†
Accounting Foundations* Online $850 per hour†
Business Analytics* Online $332 per hour†
CPA Pathways* Online $850 per hour†
Digital Marketing* Online $332 per hour†
Entrepreneurship and Strategic Innovation* Online $332 per hour†
Financial Management* Online $332 per hour†
Global Challenges in Business* Online $332 per hour†
Managerial Economics and Business Analysis* Online $332 per hour†
Mergers and Acquisitions* Online $332 per hour†
Strategic Leadership and Management* Online $332 per hour†
Taxation* Online $850 per hour†
Value Chain Management* Online $332 per hour†

College of Education

Certificate Delivery Format Tuition
Cancer Educ Mgt in Underrepresented & Diverse Comm* Online $510 per hour
Instructional System Design Management and Leadership* Online $510 per hour
International Education Administration and Leadership* Online $510 per hour
Learning Design and Leadership* Online $510 per hour
Middle Grades Education Online $510 per hour

Grainger College of Engineering

Certificate Delivery Format Tuition
CS-Computing Fundamentals (iCan) Online $1,137 per hour
CS-Computing Fundamentals

On Campus (Fall & Spring)

Engineering Range based


On Campus (Summer)

$824 per hour (resident)
$1,564 per hour (non-resident/international)


College of Fine and Applied Arts

Certificate Delivery Format Tuition
Advanced Design Thinking*

On Campus (Fall & Spring)

FAA Range based

  On Campus (Summer) $622 per hour (resident)
$1,288 per hour (non-resident/international
Health & Well-being for Designed Environments* Online $597 per hour

School of Labor and Employment Relations

Certificate Delivery Method Tuition
Compensation Best Practices* Online $755 per hour
Fundamentals of HR* Online $755 per hour
HR Data Analytics* Online $755 per hour
HR Management* Online $755 per hour