2024-2025 Academic Year Undergrad Estimated Additional Expenses

  Illinois Residents Nonresidents/International
Campus Fees1 $  4,928 $ 4,928
Food & Housing2 $14,522 $14,522
Books & Supplies  $  1,200 $  1,200
Other3 $  2,500 $  2,840
Total Expenses $23,150 $23,490

1Includes ESTIMATED $1,636 for student health insurance which can be waived at student request and upon university approval.

2Includes Room: Traditional Hall, Double, w/Air – Meal Plan: Classic. For more information visit the University Housing.

3Includes allowances for transportation, clothing, recreation, and other living or miscellaneous expenses. These expenses vary greatly based on the individual student’s lifestyle, and the allowance is based on what are considered reasonable but modest costs after surveying segments of our student population.