What’s New with Student Self-Service

We’re here to walk you through the recent changes to Student Services. You can access a variety of information related to your student profile, registration, records, graduation, and more from the Student Services dashboard after logging in. Some general navigation guidance is available in the KnowledgeBase. Let’s break it down section by section.

screenshot of new Student Services UI, highlighting General Information

General Information Section

  • NEW Student Profile page provides access to view more of your official student record such as:
    • current academic standing
    • current overall hours and GPA if Term selection shows most current semester
    • demographics such as race, ethnicity, citizenship and more.
    • test scores received by our campus and matched to your account
  • Personal Information such as preferred first name, personal email address and more can be viewed and updated using the Update Personal Information link.
screenshot of new Student Services UI, highlighting the Registration section

Registration Section

  • Class Registration is identical to the former Enhanced Registration option. Faculty and advisors with a student role can use this option to access Browse Classes to see the same view of class options that students do when registering.
  • Use the Enrollment Verification link to download an official pdf version verification of your enrollment.
screenshot of new Student Services UI, highlighting the Records section

Records Section

  • You can now view midterm and final grades in the same location by using the View Grades link.
    • Academic Standing is now viewable using the Student Profile link under General Information.
  • The View Academic History/Unofficial Transcript is brand new! Using this option, you can easily print your unofficial transcript to paper or PDF instead of having to make a trip to our office.
screenshot of new Student Services UI, highlighting the Graduation section

Graduation Section

  • You can now access the degree audit system by using the Generate a Degree Audit link!