Credit/No Credit

The credit/no credit grading option is designed to encourage students to explore areas of academic interest that they might otherwise avoid for fear of poor grades. Credit/no credit courses are not counted toward the GPA, but are included as part of the total credit hours and are assessed as credit hours.

Instructors are not informed of those students in their classes who are taking work under the credit/no credit option, and they report the usual letter grades at the end of the course. These grades are automatically converted to CR (credit) or NC (no credit). A grade of C- or better is required to earn credit.

All students considering this option are cautioned that many graduate and professional schools consider applicants whose transcripts bear a significant number of non-grade symbols less favorably than applicants whose transcripts contain none or very few. Likewise, in computing a pre-admission GPA, some schools may convert the NC symbol to a failing grade because they do not know whether the actual grade was a D or F.

The credit/no credit option is not available on Student Self-Service. Should you wish to elect this option for courses, please consult your college office or graduate department.