Grade Entry

Before You Begin

Before entering grades, all faculty members should:

  1. Review our Explanation of Grades for information on the Illinois grading system.
  2. Refer to the Grade Processing Schedule for the deadline to submit midterm grades.
  3. Establish a NetID in order to access Faculty Self-Service.
    • Before using Faculty Self-Service for the first time, you must obtain your NetID. If you have used the Financial Aid system, you have already established your NetID and password.
    • If you are a first-time user, log in to NetID Center using your campus NetID (in your email address,, “xxxxx” is your NetID) and NetID password. All Illinois students are assigned NetIDs and passwords when they are admitted to the university.
    • After logging in, choose a new password following the criteria outlined. For additional help, contact the Administrative Information Technology Services (AITS) Service Desk at 217-333-3102 or

Midterm Grades

Article 3 of the Student Code, Academic Policies and Regulations, states that instructors are required to provide an evaluation of first-time freshmen performance by midterm.

Midterm grades are required for all new first-time freshmen enrolled on campus for university credit. Midterm grades are not recorded on the student’s permanent record, but are used as advisory grades used for counseling purposes.

Midterm grade comments are uploaded by the Office of the Registrar prior to enabling the midterm grade entry interface for instructor use. During midterm grade entry, the class roster will only display the students that are required to receive a midterm grade, based on the assignment of the midterm grade comment on the student’s registration record.

Please Note: Instructors have the ability to edit or correct midterm grades that have been submitted through the grade entry system until the grade entry deadline published by the Office of the Registrar. After the midterm grade entry deadline has passed, instructors will not be able to submit or view midterm grades that have been entered for their respective students.

Final Grades

Final grade submission deadlines for the current term are available on the Office of the Registrar grade processing schedule. Missing grades can cause a significant hardship for students, particularly for those graduating, on academic probation, needing verification of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for continuing financial aid, or needing to satisfy prerequisites.

Instructors have until the final grade entry deadline to submit grades, which should be submitted within 72 hours of the end of the final examination in the course. This is to allow for system processing time especially in fall semesters with compressed timelines due to campus approved Holiday schedules. Prior to entering final grades, please review the explanation of grades for additional information on the University of Illinois grading system.

Failure to submit final grades by the grade entry deadline for a student and/or course will result in the student or students receiving an “NR” (Not Reported) grade on their academic record. Any student that receives an “NR” grade may be negatively impacted during the academic standing and financial aid eligibility review processes for subsequent terms.

Please review the Last Attend Date and Hours Attended Guidelines. For additional information on common questions and scenarios that you may encounter during submission of final grades, please refer to our Final Grade Entry Tips.

Additional Information regarding Final Grades:

  • Grades entered during the final grade submission period are not official until the Banner performed grade roll process has been completed. Instructors have the ability to modify all final grades submitted in Faculty Self-Service until the final grade entry deadline. After the final grade entry deadline passes, grades are no longer able to be entered or modified in Faculty Self-Service.
  • Final grade roll process copies a student’s course and submitted grade information from registration into academic history. This process automatically triggers any grade substitution rule that may exist for the course or student registration record. For example, a student that is registered for a CR/NC (Credit/No Credit) grading option will receive the appropriate CR or NC grade after the grade roll process has completed. Instructors will enter a standard letter grade for the student and the Banner grade roll process will automatically convert the letter grade into either CR or NC based on the established rules.
  • Grades that have been rolled to academic history are officially part of a student’s academic transcript. Any grade corrections submitted after the grade roll process will not be reflected in registration and can only been viewed in academic history.
  • Information for instructors regarding grade corrections after the final grade submission deadline is available on the “Correcting or Submitting Grades After the Deadline” webpage.

Please contact the Academic Records Unit within the Office of the Registrar at or 217-333-9774, if you have any questions or require assistance.