Request Advisor/Staff Access to uAchieve

Please request access to uAchieve through the authorized unit security contact or authorizing official in your college/unit as listed below.

College or UnitContact
College of Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences (ACES)Mike Campbell
College of Applied Health Sciences (AHS)Dustin Tarter
College of Education (EDUC)Lori Fuller
College of Fine & Applied Arts (FAA)Gill Heine
College of Law (LAW)Law:
Jennie Pahre
Law Minor:
Rebecca Ray
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (LAS)Gretchen Pein
College of Media (COM)Megan Tucker Zwilling
Division of General StudiesShawn Hale
Gies College of Business (BUS)Teresa D’Urso
Amber R Moore
Graduate College (Grad College Staff Only.) Graduate programs/faculty need to request access through their disciplinary college.Mary Lowry
Grainger College of Engineering (ENGR)Amy Hurst
School of Social Work (SSW)Wendy Harris
School of Information Sciences (iSchool)Jen Anderson
Office of the Registrar/Undergraduate Admissions (Start with your immediate supervisor who will then contact the USC listed to initiate the request.)James Ecker
OtherChad Cross

Access Level

NOTE: Advisors and most users will need Advisor Access. AROs in LAS and ENG will likely want Exception Processing. Admission/Records staff who are doing data entry in the uAchieve Client may need OAR TA Encoder Processing or OAR Admissions Processing. Admission staff who just need to run audits will be Advisor access.