Access to Student Records

Both FERPA and the UIUC Student and Course Data Access Policy require that anyone accessing private student records have a “legitimate educational interest” in the information. According to policy:

  • Student data may be used only as required for fulfilling officially assigned University responsibilities.
  • Student data may be shared among University staff as necessary to carry out those responsibilities; however, do not use email to share student data unless it is encrypted.
  • Private information must not be released to third parties outside the University, including parents of students.
  • All outside parties must contact Registration Services (217-333-6565) to seek release of restricted or non-directory student records.

Other prohibited uses of student records are as follows:

  • Anyone who wishes to contact students as part of a research project must apply to the Institutional Review Board (IRB). No student record may be used for academic research without official approval of the IRB.
  • Student records may not be used for commercial or political purposes.
  • Registered student organizations may not obtain student records without approval from the Dean of Students. Any student organization wishing to contact groups of students or distribute mass mailings must apply to the Office of the Dean of Students (300 Turner Student Services Building; 3-0050) for approval.