A Brief Review

Following is a brief overview of the information provided in this tutorial:

  • You are responsible for protecting student data in your possession.
  • Educational records may not be released without the written consent of the student.
  • Individual directory information may be released without written consent, except when the student has filed a “Request to Suppress Directory Information.” Suppressed information may not be released.
  • University employees may access and use private educational records only as necessary to conduct official business that is related to the educational interests of the student.
  • Student data should not be emailed unless it is encrypted.
  • Take appropriate measures to protect student records that are stored on personal computers and local networks.
  • If in doubt, do not release information about a student. Refer requests to the Registration Services unit in the Office of the Registrar (333-6565).
  • If you have questions about FERPA, contact Registration Services by email or phone them at 333-6565.

For a visual aid to understanding the appropriate release of student information, refer to our decision flow diagram.

To obtain access to student records, you must now complete our quiz. To receive credit for the quiz, answer all questions and submit the Certificate of Completion at the end of the quiz. The quiz consists of 10 questions covering practical applications of FERPA and University policy. Carefully consider each question and select the best answer.