Banner Building Codes

This table shows all BANNER codes for buildings on the university campus along with the full building name.

BANNER Building Code Building Code Description
11001N 1001 W Nevada
11010N Gregory Place II
11203/ 1203 1/2 W Nevada
11203N 1203 W Nevada
11203O 1203 W Oregon
11205/ 1205 1/2 W Nevada
11205N 1205 W Nevada
11205O 1205 W Oregon
11206N 1206 W Nevada
11207O 1207 W Oregon
1408G 408 S Goodwin
1505GR 505 E Green
1508SX 508 S Sixth
1510DA 510 E Daniel
1805PA 805 W Pennsylvania
1901OR 901 W Oregon
1907/N 907 1/2 W Nevada
1909OR 909 W Oregon
1911SX 911 S Sixth
1912IL 912 W Illinois
1ABL Agricultural Bioprocess Lab
1ACESL ACES Lib, Info & Alum Ctr
1ADB Art and Design Building
1AEA1 Architecture Annex
1AEA2 FAA Performing Arts Annex
1AESB Agricultural Engr Sciences Building
1AH Altgeld Hall
1AIRPT Willard Airport
1ALLEN Allen Residence Hall
1ARC Activites and Recreation Center (ARC)
1ARCD Student Services Arcade Building
1ARCH Architecture Building
1ARMRY Armory
1ASL Animal Sciences Laboratory
1ASTR Astronomy Building
1ATKNS Atkins Tennis Center
1ATSB Atmospheric Sciences Building
1BEV Bevier Hall
1BI Beckman Institute
1BIF Business Instructional Facility (BIF)
1BNRL Burnsides Research Lab
1BUR Burrill Hall
1CA Chem Annex
1CAB Computing Applications Building
1CB Ceramics Building
1CDL Child Development Lab
1CEHL Civil Eng Hydrosystems Lab
1CERFA Ceramics Facility
1CHRSH Doris Kelley Christopher Hall
1CLSL Chemical and Life Sciences Lab
1CMPBL Campbell Hall
1CRC Children’s Research Center
1CRCE Campus Recreation Center East (CRCE)
1CROC Campus Rec Outdoor Center
1CSL Coordinated Science Lab
1CWS Colonel Wolfe School
1DANCE 905 W Nevada
1DCL Digital Computer Laboratory
1DH Davenport Hall
1DKH David Kinley Hall
1EB English Building
1ECDL Expanded Child Dev Lab
1ECEB ECE Building
1EDUC Education Building
1EH Engineering Hall
1ERML Madigan Laboratory, Edward R
1ESB Engineering Sciences Building
1EVRT Everitt Elec & Comp Engr Lab
1FA Foellinger Auditorium
1FH Freer Hall
1FLAGG Flagg Hall
1FLB Foreign Languages Building
1FTSSB Fred Turner Student Services Building
1GARNR Garner Hall
1GELIB Grainger Engineering Library
1GH Gregory Hall
1GPHS Grad Photo Studio
1GSB 2116 Griffith
1GSLIS Library & Information Science Bldg
1HAB Henry Administration Building
1HDG Harding Band Building
1HFL Horticulture Field Laboratory
1HUFF Huff Hall
1ICEA Ice Arena
1IGPAB Institute of Gov & Public Affairs Building
1IH Illini Hall
1ILIR Institute of Labor & Industrial Relations
1ISB International Studies Building
1ISRL Illinois Street Residence Lounge
1IU Illini Union
1JAPAN Japan House
1KAM Krannert Art Museum
1KCPA Krannert Center for Performing Arts
1KH Ceramics Kiln House
1LAW Law Building
1LH Lincoln Hall
1LIB Library
1LMS Loomis Laboratory of Physics
1MEB Mechanical Engineering Building
1MEL Mechanical Engineering Laboratory
1MH Mumford Hall
1MHC McKinley Health Center
1MOR Morrill Hall
1MRL Seitz Materials Research Laboratory
1MSEB Materials Science and Engineering Bldg
1MSL Meat Science Laboratory
1MUMHS Mumford House
1MUSIC Music Building
1NCEB Newmark Civil Engineering Bldg
1NEL Nuclear Engineering Laboratory
1NHB Natural History Building
1NOBLE Noble Hall
1NOYES Noyes Laboratory
1NRAL Nuclear Radiations Laboratory
1NSRC National Soybean Research Center
1PLB Pennsylvania Lounge -PAR
1PSL Plant Sciences Laboratory
1PSYCH Psychology Laboratory
1RAL Roger Adams Laboratory
1REC Rehabilitation Education Center
1RICHS Richmond Studio
1SCLPT Sculpture Building
1SDRP Student Dining and Residential Programs Building
1SHS Speech & Hearing Bldg
1SIEBL Siebel Center
1SMITH Smith Memorial Hall
1SNYDR Snyder Hall
1STDM Memorial Stadium
1STKPV Stock Pavilion
1TB Transportation Building
1TH Turner Hall
1THBH Temple Hoyne Buell Hall
1TL Talbot Laboratory
1UGLIB Undergraduate Library
1UHS University High School
1VANDN Van Doren Hall
1VGCRP Vegetable Crops Building
1VMBSB Vet Med Basic Sciences Building
1VMTH Veterinary Teaching Hospital
1WESTN Weston Hall
1WOHLR Wohlers Hall
1WRDL Wardell Hall-ISR
1XAFTB American Federation of Teachers Building
1XAPCC Allerton Park and Conference Center
1XBHCE Black Hawk College East
1XCCHS Centennial High School
1XCOMP U of I College of Medicine
1XEXTS U of I Extension Office
1XFEXT Fayette Extension Unit
1XILLC Illini Center
1XJJC Joilet Jr College
1XJWCC John Wood Community College
1XKC Kishwaukee College
1XKHS Kankakee High School
1XLLCC Lincoln Land Community College
1XMA Morton Arboretum
1XMES Meadowview Elementary School
1XNCHS Naperville Central High School
1XNIU Northern Illinois University
1XQU Quincy University
1XRLC Rend Lake College
1XRMHS Rolling Meadows High School
1XU4SC Unit 4 Science Center
1XUIS U of I at Springfield
1XUIVF U of I Videoconference Facility
1XUOPS University Outreach and Public Service