DOD TA Program Offerings

The Department of Defense requires all institutions to post on their website the derived “cost per credit hour” of eligible programs in order for our active military students to receive the tuition assistance benefit. Please note that this figure is provided solely to meet this requirement. The majority of academic programs at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign do not use a cost per credit hour calculation to determine tuition charges. For Fall and Spring semesters, UIUC assesses tuition on a range basis for most programs, so the exact amount of tuition will be based on the range of billing hours.

Current UIUC Department of Defense (DOD) Tuition Assistance (TA) offerings with tuition estimate on a per credit hour basis are listed below. Contact Student Veterans Affairs if there is a program of interest to you not listed below.  Fees are not included in the below tuition estimates but can be found here.

Academic Program NameDOD TA Per Credit Hour rate estimate
Undergraduate Standard Rate$416
BS Accountancy$589
BS Aerospace Engineering$589
BS Biology$586
BS Chemistry$586
BS Economics$500
BS Kinesiology$430
BS General Studies$416
BS Statistics$416
Graduate Standard Rate$500
MBA/MS Management$320
MS Accountancy$850
MS Aerospace Engineering$1,110
MENG Aerospace Systems$805
MS Civil Engineering$1,110
MS Strategic Brand Communication$920
MS Computer Science$670
MS Educational Policy, Organization & Leadership$500
MS Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences$726
MS Finance$1,950
MA Translation & Interpreting$1,172
MS Technology Management$1,459