Fall 2022 Undergraduate Registration Deadlines

Following are important registration DEADLINES for undergraduate students. The deadline dates are specific to the Part of Term (POT) of the class. The POT designations are shown in the Course Explorer Class Schedule for each specific class section. Any class without a POT listed is considered a non-standard course and follows comparable deadlines provided here.

POT of class1AB
POT DescriptionFull termFirst HalfSecond Half
Length of course in weeks1688
Term dates including finalsAug. 22 - Dec. 16Aug. 22 - Oct. 14Oct. 17 - Dec. 16
CANCEL semester for 100% refund21-Aug21-AugOct. 16 (if enrolled ONLY in POT B classes)
First day of instruction for the POT22-Aug22-Aug17-Oct
Add a class via Self-Service2-Sep 11:59PM26-Aug 11:59PM21-Oct 11:59PM
Change credit hours on variable credit course via Self-Service2-Sep26-Aug21-Oct
DROP a class with refund if tuition range changes. NO refund for dropping a class after this date (12.5% point of the class)2-Sep 11:59PM26-Aug 11:59PM21-Oct 11:59PM
Submit request to Audit a class2-Sep26-Aug21-Oct
Apply to graduate in December 2022 via Self-Service. Contact your college office after this date.2-Sep2-Sep2-Sep
DROP a class via Self-Service with no 'W' grade or record of the class on your academic history. (This is halfway point of the class) Contact your college to discuss dropping a class after this date.14-Oct 11:59PM16-Sep 11:59PM11-Nov 11:59PM
WITHDRAW from semester without 'W' grades (This is halfway point of the class)14-Oct16-Sep11-Nov
Submit credit/no credit request to college office (This is halfway point of the class)14-Oct16-Sep11-Nov
Submit grade replacement requests to college office (This is halfway point of the class)14-Oct16-Sep11-Nov
Last day to withdraw for minimum 40% refund (60% point of the class)28-Oct23-Sep18-Nov
Fall semester breakNov. 19 - 27N/ANov. 19 - 27
Instruction ends16-Dec14-Oct16-Dec
Final ExamsDec. 9 - 16 M-FDec. 9 - 16 M-F