Registration Checklist

You will register for your courses online through Student Self-Service. After you review our course information, follow this step-by-step checklist to prepare for registration.

1. Meet with Your Advisor

  • Academic advising is recommended for all students and is required in many programs.
  • Discuss alternative course selections with your advisor in case your first choices are unavailable.
  • Complete our Schedule Planning Form as a guide to follow throughout the registration process.

2. Prepare for Enrollment Restrictions

  • Consent Instructor/Authorization Required: If you plan to select courses requiring the consent of an instructor or departmental approval, contact the department offering the course to obtain permission prior to registering. Approval must be entered in the student system, then you must register yourself for the course.
  • Independent Study Courses: Independent study courses require the instructor’s permission before registering. If you select an independent study course, obtain permission from the instructor prior to registering.
  • Courses with Prerequisites: Many courses have prerequisites, which are intended to help you succeed in the course. You are expected to comply with them. You may be removed from a course for failure to comply with the prerequisites.
  • Courses with Restrictions: Some courses have restrictions that limit registration to students meeting certain criteria (e.g., college, curricula, year in school, honors, or placement test scores). Many restrictions are computer controlled; you may be removed from a course if you do not meet the course criteria. Consult the department offering the course if exceptions to these restrictions are required.

3. Clear Registration Holds

  • If you have any registration holds on your record, that information will appear on the View Holds page or Registration Eligibility page of Self-Service.
  • The appropriate academic or administrative office must clear all holds online before you can register.

4. Register for a Complete Schedule

  • Register for a complete schedule of courses for the term as soon as possible after receiving your registration time ticket.
  • Although additional seats may become available in a few courses and additional sections may be added to some courses prior to the start of the term, do not delay completing your schedule based on the assumption that seats will eventually become available in courses that have closed.

5. Verify Your Addresses

  • You are required to provide a mailing and a permanent address.  Please do so on the Personal Information page of Student Self-Service.
  • Providing at least one Emergency Contact is also strongly encouraged with regular updates completed as necessary.

6. Select Graduation Information (If Relevant)

  • If you plan to graduate at the end of the semester, be sure to use the Graduation page of Self-Service to Apply to Graduate.