How to Use Schedule Generator

Schedule Generator is a tool that will allow you to build the optimal class schedule based on course preferences and setting aside time for breaks during the week.  Create the optimal schedule and send it to Plan Ahead in Enhanced Registration where you will be able to complete registration when your time ticket opens.  Seat availability, registration restrictions, and holds will be checked at the time you register, not when generating a schedule.

Schedule Generator Quick Guide

Log In

  1. Go to Student Self-Service.
  2. Select the Urbana-Champaign campus.
  3. Enter your Net ID and password.
  4. From the Main Menu, select the Registration & Records option.
  5. From the Registration & Records Menu, select the Enhanced Registration option.
  6. Select the View Schedule Generator option.

Select a Term

  1. To begin, select a Term for the Urbana-Champaign campus.
  2. Once you have selected a term, select the Save and Continue option.

select a term

Generate a Schedule

Tip: You can narrow your Course search results to only Open classes, certain Parts of Term, and/or Terms by using the Change options at the top.

Change Settings

Add a Course

  1. Select +Add Course to look for courses by Subject, Section Attribute, or Instructor.
  2. Select +Add Course to add it to your Desired Courses list on the right-hand menu.
  3. Select Done when you are finished to return to the Main Menu.

Add a course search

Add a Break

  1. Select +Add Break to add breaks when you cannot attend class.  You will need to add multiple breaks for each block of time.
  2. Enter the name of the break, start and end time, and days of the week.
  3. Select +Add Break to add your new break and return to the Main Menu.

Add a break
Add a new break
Tip: If you would like to pad the times between classes, select the desired amount of time from the Class Padding drop-down menu on the Advanced Options tab. 

add class padding

When you are finished, select Generate Schedules to create schedules based on the courses and breaks you added.

generate schedules

Choose a Generated Schedule

  1. To view a schedule from your list of generated schedules, hover over the magnifying glass or click View next to it.
  2. Compare schedules by checking the box next to a schedule and selecting the Compare option.  You will need to select at least two schedules in order to use this feature.generate schedules
  3. When viewing a schedule, select the blue information circle next to a course to view possible course restrictions, reserved seats, prerequisite requirements, or need for special approval which may prevent registration.


  1. When viewing a schedule you like, select Send to Shopping Cart to send it to Plan Ahead in Enhanced Registration.  Please note that choosing a Generated Schedule does not actually register you for the classes.  view schedule
  2. Schedule Generator will close and you will be returned to the Enhanced Registration Main Menu.

Registering from a Generated Schedule

  1. From the Enhanced Registration landing page, select Register for Classes and then select the appropriate Term you wish to register for.
  2. Select the Plans tab from the registration menu.
  3. If you have multiple plans created, find the Schedule Generater Shopping Cart plan, and select Add All.
  4. The classes from that plan are now added to your Summary panel.
  5. Select Submit to complete regisration for these classes.  Once you Submit, seat availability, regsitration restrictions, and holds will be checked.  Any sections that don’t pass those checks will receive an error message.  Sections that do pass those checks will have their Status changed from Pending to Registered.

Adding Additional Courses After Registering a Generated Schedule

  1. From the Enhanced Registration landing page, select Schedule Generator and then select the appropriate Term you wish to register for.
  2. The generated schedule you last completed will show in Current Schedule and your Shopping Cart.
  3. Select +Add Course, search for the course you wish to add, select Add Course, and Done.
  4. Before generating schedules, remove all courses in the Course Grid except the ones you just added.change add coursechange confirm course
  5. Select Generate Schedules, View Schedule, and Send to Shopping Cart when you find a schedule you are satisfied with.  This will add an updated schedule to your Plans.
  6. Schedule Generator will close and you will be returned to the Enhanced Registration Main Menu.
  7. From the Enhanced Registration Main Menu, select Register for Classes, and select a Term.
  8. Select the Plans tab and select Add in the Schedule Generator Shopping Cart to add the new course(s) to the Summary panel in Pending status.
  9. Submit to register for the additional course(s).

Other Features

Lock a Course

Find a course section you would like included in your generated schedule search results?  When viewing a schedule, select the Lock icon and then select Back.  Regenerate Schedules to populate only schedules that include that course section you locked.

lock course