Step-by-step instructions for using Banner, the University’s Faculty Self-Service system, are provided below.

ID & Password Help

  1. Before using Faculty Self-Service for the first time, you must obtain your NetID. If you have used the Financial Aid system, you have already established your NetID and password and can move on to the next step.
  2. If you are a first-time user, log in to NetID Center using your campus NetID (in your email address,, “xxxxx” is your NetID) and NetID password. All Illinois students are assigned NetIDs and passwords when they are admitted to the University.
  3. After logging in, choose a new password following the criteria outlined. For additional help, contact the Administrative Information Technology Services (AITS) Service Desk at 217-333-3102 or

Log In

  1. Go to Faculty Self-Service.
  2. Select the campus where you are teaching or advising.
  3. Enter your NetID and password.

Main Menu

  1. After logging in, the main menu screen welcomes you to the system and displays the menu options available to you as an instructor: Faculty & Advisor Services and Employee Time Sheets. Select “Employee Time Sheets” only if you need to process time entry information.
  2. Select “Faculty & Advisor Services” for teaching and advising information.

Faculty & Advisor Services

  1. This screen shows the teaching and advising menu options that are available to you. To proceed directly to the teaching- and advising-related screens, select “Faculty Services.”
  2. The Faculty Services screen lists teaching-related menu options available to you:
    • Faculty Schedule – Detail—Displays information about your classes, including basic core information, class meeting times, enrollment information, and so on. Optional links allow you to add office hours and syllabus information viewable to students. You must be assigned as either a primary or secondary instructor by a department to view information regarding a specific class.
    • Faculty Schedule – Week at a Glance—Shows your teaching schedule graphically. If the semester does not begin on a Monday, select “Next Week” to view a complete schedule.
    • Teaching AssignmentsCurrent and Teaching Assignments History—Displays information about courses you have been assigned to as an instructor. Note that courses taught prior to Fall 2004 will not be listed in History but will be recorded on an ongoing basis.
    • Office Hours—Allows you to enter your office hours. You may copy office hours from one course to another. Hours must be entered as 000-2459.
    • Class List Detail—Displays curriculum information for each student registered in a section. The Registration Number (RN) indicates the order in which students registered. Students can drop, so numbers may be missing.
    • Class List – Summary—Displays a list of enrolled students with basic information. Select “Class Roster – Printable” at the bottom of the screen for a list that allows for easier printing. You may also select, copy, and paste roster information to a spreadsheet or a text file. The symbol to the right of a student’s information allows you to send email to the student.
    • Wait List – Summary or Wait List – Detail—Lets you view students on the wait list if your class allows students to place themselves on a wait list when registering online.
    • Final Grade Entry—Allows you to enter grades by either selecting the grade from a drop-down menu or by typing directly into the field. An individual assigned as either a primary or secondary instructor to a section may enter grades. You can only enter grades during certain parts of a term. Click the “Submit” box periodically as you enter grades to save your work as you go. You can also enter optional information about contact hours and last attendance dates (this might be helpful information for students who drop a course late in the semester).
    • Student/Advisee Information—Displays menu options related to advising students.
    • Student Information: Displays a particular student’s program and curriculum information. You may view additional contact information for a student by selecting “Student Addresses and Phones” or “Student Email Addresses.”
    • Select a Student/Advisee—Allows you to search for an advisee or an individual student in your class.

Log Out

  1. To safely end your Faculty Self-Service session, make sure to log out using the EXIT link provided in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Close all your web browser windows before leaving the computer.

Related Resources

Registration is processed through Banner. We recommend that you print a copy of the troubleshooting guide.  This document includes very specific information about how to troubleshoot Banner error messages that students may encounter during the registration process.

For a step-by-step explanation of how to view your class roster and email your students, refer to our Class List/Roster page.


For additional help with Banner, contact the Administrative Information Technology Services (AITS) Help Desk at 217-333-3102 or, or use the HELP link located in the top right corner of most screens in the system.