Summer 2023 Campus Fees

Campus fees, except health insurance, are mandatory for campus-based students according to enrolled hours as shown below. All students not admitted to fully online programs will be assessed fees at the below range based rates regardless of whether they are enrolled in face-to-face or online classes and regardless of student location.

In addition to things that are available to all students regardless of location (McKinley, Counseling Center, Library, Leadership Center, Career Center, Dean of Students) fees also pay for campus infrastructure. Even if a student is away from campus, they are benefiting from campus infrastructure (IT, instructional facilities) and will do so in future semesters when they return. Students enrolled in fully online degree, certificate or non-degree programs are not currently charged campus fees. Fully online PROGRAMS are different from campus based programs where students happen to be enrolled fully online for a semester.

Semester Fees

9+ hours6-8.9 hours3-5.9 hours0-2.9 hours
Service Fee$166$166$166$0
General Fee$200$200$200$200
Health Insurance Fee*$712$712$712$712
Health Service Fee$124$124$124$0
Transportation Fee$30$30$30$0
Student Initiated Fees$17$17$17$0
Library/Information Tech$183$122$61$31

*Health Insurance Fee is the only campus fee for which an exemption is available. If you are not automatically charged for health insurance, but need insurance coverage, contact the Student Health Insurance Office.

Students enrolled as non-degree status through the CITL Office or in the fully online BS ESE or off campus BSW programs are not eligible for university health insurance.