Maximum & Minimum Enrollment Levels

The maximum amount of credit in which a student can enroll without special overload approval from his or her college office is:

Fall & Spring Terms

  • Undergraduate: 18 hours
  • Graduate and Veterinary Medicine: 20 hours
  • Law: 16 hours

Summer Sessions

  • Undergraduate: 9 hours
  • Graduate and Veterinary Medicine: 12 hours
  • Law: 6 hours

Winter Sessions

  • Undergraduates only
  • 1 class maximum

If you wish to enroll above the established maximum (except for Winter), consult your college office.

Full-time enrollment for students in a Fall or Spring term is 12 or more hours. College approval is required for undergraduate students to carry a load of fewer than 12 hours in a fall or spring term.

Student Self-Service will not display a warning message if you are not enrolled in a full course load for the term. Enrollment below the minimum level may jeopardize your financial aid status, progress toward a degree, or visa status if you are an international student.