Intercollegiate Transfer Policy

An intercollegiate transfer applicant is one who is currently registered in an undergraduate college at Illinois and who wishes to be considered for admission to another undergraduate college at Illinois. Intercollegiate transfer applicants are considered on the basis of the intercollegiate admission requirements of the new college and availability of space in the chosen programs. This policy does not apply to students in the graduate college or a professional college.

The campus has designated two periods each term for inter-college transfer. They are:

  • Two weeks prior to the beginning of the registration period for each term. (Curriculum changes will not be allowed after registration begins.)
  • One week prior to the start of instruction for the term through the first week of instruction.

If you intend to apply for intercollegiate transfer, you should do so within these designated time frames. Your access to certain courses is dependent upon your college of enrollment.

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