Marking a Course in Banner

Using the Final Exam Field

  1. Open the SSASECT form in Banner.

  1. Type in the term and CRN of the section that will have a final exam and click “Next Block.”
  2. Go to the Meeting Times and Instructor tab, followed by Meeting Location and Credits.
  3. With the cursor in the Automatic Scheduler field, click the three dots to choose 1F and then save (or you can type 1F in the box). (Use care when there are multiple meeting rows.)
  4. If you are entering a 1F for a course that is cross-listed, you must put an “O” in the Override Indicator field. If you do not do this, you will get an error message telling you that there is a room conflict.

Things to Keep in Mind

  1. No final exams will be scheduled if you do not mark anything in Banner.
  2. Mark all courses that will have an exam. (For example, if you are combining three sections, you will need to mark all three sections.)
  3. If an instructor does not want to have a final exam, please remember that it is policy for the head or chairperson to approve this. (See the Student Code.)
  4. Only courses that meet on a Monday or Tuesday are scheduled to have non-combined exams. If you’d like one comprehensive list of your courses that need a final exam, you can mark the arranged courses in Banner and they will appear on your list. Just remember that they will not have a date, time, or room assigned; you will need to request this via the web form.
  5. You will still use our final exam request spreadsheet to request extra space, combined, arranged, and conflict exams (through your dept. scheduler).
  6. The preview site is for schedulers only. Please do not announce room assignments until we post the schedule on our website.
  7. If in doubt, it is better to schedule an exam that might need removed than to schedule nothing at all.