Summer 2019 Online, CRN-Based Tuition Rates

Typically students are charged tuition based on their primary program of study; otherwise known as their major.  The following per credit hour rates apply to specific online course sections.  Non-degree online and CITL admitted students will be charged the rate specific to the course section (CRN) in which they enroll.  Rates are assessed by attributes placed on an individual CRN.  CRNs without an attribute listed are assessed at the base rate.  Students may view attributes on a CRN within the Student Self-Service Enhanced Registration system using the instructions below.

Degree seeking iMBA, iMSA and MCS-DS students will be charged per credit hour tuition based on the CRN of enrollment according to the rates below.

Online, CRN-Based Tuition Rates:

Course Attribute Attribute Description Per Credit Hour Rate
  Graduate Base Rate   $473
1ENG ONL Engineering Rate   $1,084
1PRO ONL Base+Differential Rate   $686
1IDC ONL Instructional Design   $250
1IMB ONL iMBA Rate   $250
1MCS ONL CS rate   $600
1SCW ONL Social Work Rate   $588
1TRN ONL Translation Studies Rate   $1,172
1HRI ONL HRIR Rate   $725
1SBC ONL Strat Brand Comm Rate   $831
1MDS ONL CS-Data Science Rate   $600
1MSA ONL iMSA Rate   $850

How to View Course Attributes

When viewing a course in Enhanced Registration, click the title of the course to view additional class details.

nondegree interface

Select the Attributes tab from the sidebar menu on the left.  If a course has an attribute attached to it, this will be listed.  If no attribute is listed, then the course is charged at the base rate.

Nondegree interface 2