Fall 2019 & Spring 2020 Graduate & Professional Fees by Credit Range

Campus fees, except health insurance, are mandatory for campus-based students according to enrolled hours as shown below.  If you’ve registered for ONLY online classes for the entire semester, only the General Fee and Health Insurance, unless approved to opt out or admitted via CITL Office, will be charged.  Students enrolled in fully online programs are not charged any of these campus fees and are not eligible for the University student health insurance.

Range I

(12+ hours)

Range II

(6-11 hours)

Range III

(1-5 hours)

Range IV

(0 hours)

Service Fee† $294 $294
General Fee† $293 $293 $293 $293
Health Insurance Fee*
$696 $696 $696 $696
Health Service Fee† $238 $238
Transportation Fee $62 $62
Student Initiated Fees† $66 $66
AFMFA $346 $231 $115 $58
Library & Information Tech $244 $163 $81 $41
Total $2,239 $2,043 $1,185 $1,088
Law Library & Information Tech Fee (all College of Law students) $274 $183 $91 $46
Total for all Law students $2,269 $2,063 $1,195 $1,093

*Health Insurance Fee is the only campus fee for which a waiver is available. If you are not automatically charged for health insurance, but need insurance coverage, contact the Student Health Insurance Office.  

  • Students on study abroad and approved off-campus experiences enrolled for 1 or more credit hours will be charged the Health Insurance Fee unless insurance was waived. 
  • Students enrolled in an approved off-campus class for zero credit hours will not be charged the Health Insurance Fee.
  • Students enrolled in absentia will not be charged the Health Insurance Fee.

† A distribution breakdown of the Service, General, Health Service, and Student Initiated fees can be found here.

Other Fees

International Student Fee Applies to international campus graduate students $35
Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP) Applies to College of Law students $12.50