Building a new section:

This gives you a rundown in Banner order of the things you will want to address should you have to build a new section. Again, we state that you should recycle a CRN when you can, but when you can’t, please refer here.

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The basics:

To acquire a CRN, there are certain items that must be touched/verified on the first page of SSASECT before you can save an added section and generate a CRN.

While on the first page of SSASECT (Course Section Information), also heed:

Along with that, you may have a more complex build:

  • If your section is going to require two meeting rows with different schedule types (and this pair is the only combination of rows a student can take) you will need to package your section using the appropriate packaged schedule type.
  • If your section is going to require two CRNs with different schedule types because students will have to select multiple components to successfully register for a course (and the students have multiple options for at least one of the schedule type groups), you will need to link them together and complete the additional steps needed.

For page two (section enrollment info):

Please make sure you note this information about section enrollment and how it can affect you with registration and classroom assignments.

For page three (Meeting Times and Instructor):

As the tab title suggests, you will need to put in meeting times and instructor. If the person is not in Banner as an instructor, you need to go into SIAINST to add them first.

Other screens you may need to access:

The following screens can be accessed from the “Related” Menu from page one of SSASECT:


If the sections you need will need to be cross-listed, there is basic information to help you with set-up but you will need to email us to connect the sections together and to set up the total max.

Hybrid course delivery:

Additionally, if the request you have is for sections with hybrid course delivery (both on-campus and online components), you will want to look over these: