Scheduling FAQs – Summer 2021

Q. What are the dates/deadlines?

A. There are several important dates.

  • Monday, March 1st at 5pm:
    • All general assignment room requests are due (via the spreadsheet)
    • Dept. space can no longer be added directly in Banner
    • After this point, any room requests (for FMS space) and room assignments (in dept. space) must be emailed to
  • Monday, March 15: Course Explorer becomes public
  • Monday, April 19: Priority Registration begins


Q. What do I use the spreadsheet for?

A. The spreadsheet is a three-tabbed list of all your sections. It breaks down like this:

Active/PendingThis will be your working document. It is a snapshot of all active and pending sections in Banner for the Summer 21 Term. As Summer 20 was entirely online, all sections had online schedule types, and there are no room assignments.

  1. If you want to have an in-person section, change the schedule type to an in-person delivery method, and:
    1. If using your dept. space: Input the building and room in Banner. Remove that row from the spreadsheet.
    2. If hoping for space that isn’t managed by your dept. or by FMS (such another department’s space or a computer lab): Please check with appropriate department to see if the room is available. If so, input the building and room in Banner. Remove that row from the spreadsheet.
    3. If requesting any General Assignment (GA) space from FMS, you must fill in the “Distance Cap Needed” in the spreadsheet, and return to FMS with only those rows requesting GA space.

Inactive/Cancelled: This is a list of Cancelled/Inactive CRNs. Many of these are likely sections that were in-person in the past, and not used in Summer 20. These can be changed to Active status to re-purpose as needed. Please make every effort to re-purpose these CRNs before creating any new CRNs. If you are unsure if a CRN can be repurposed, ask us BEFORE making a new CRN.

IndependentStudy: This is a list of Independent Study CRNs that are in use, or available to be re-purposed for new faculty. Again, please make every effort to re-purpose old CRNs from former faculty before creating any new CRNs.


Q. Do I need to return the spreadsheet?

A. Only return the spreadsheet if you need to request a room from FMS. The “Distance Cap Needed” (last column) must ALWAYS be completed. If it is not, I will return the spreadsheet to you. That is preferred over individual emails for simplicity of scheduling. If there are specific circumstances that might affect room assignment, please utilize the notes column. I read every comment before I assign space. Please be sure the spreadsheet does not have any of the following:

  • Rows for sections that do not need room assignment (they already have a room, or are online)
  • Changes to section data: Department Schedulers are responsible for making necessary changes to days, times, instructors, etc.
  • Cross-list request or changes: Request those by emailing


Q. I missed the deadline to submit room requests via the spreadsheet. What do I do?

A. All late requests can be emailed to After all the requests submitted by the deadline (via the spreadsheet) are completed, emailed late requests will be processed in the order received.


Q. Some students will attend entirely in-person, and others will participate entirely online. How do we set this up?

A. This is “Partial Remote Attendance” and you will need to have two CRNs: one for in-person and one for online (remote).

  • Use the CRN currently on your active worksheet for one delivery method, and adjust the max to reflect the number of students for that delivery method.
  • Re-purpose a CRN on the inactive/cancelled tab for the other delivery method. If there are none available, add a new CRN. This CRN should mirror the first one.
  • The projected for the in-person CRN should reflect the anticipated in-person attendance (for space consideration).
  • The online CRN must have one of the online schedule types: OLB, OLC, OD, or ONL (OLD available by request). The projected for the online CRN should reflect the anticipated online attendance. If the online CRN is meeting for set days/times (synchronous), the meeting row will be the same as the in-person CRN. If meetings are recorded and available any time (asynchronous), the days/times should be left blank, and just the “Hours per week” need filled in.
  • These two CRNs will not be cross-listed together. Be sure that the total max between them does not exceed instructor workload or the requested max.


Q. All students will attend in-person, but to have fewer present at each meeting, they will alternate which days they attend in-person. For example, if meeting TR 1200-1250, half will attend in-person on T 1200-1250 and the other half will attend in-person on R 1200-1250. On the days students are not attending in-person, they will participate online. How do we set this up?

A. This is “Distributed Attendance” and only uses one CRN. All students, regardless of which days they are in-person versus online, will register the same CRN.

  • The one CRN will be an in-person schedule type.
  • The meeting row will encompass all meetings.
    • Example: TR 1200-1250
  • The “Distance Cap Needed” on the spreadsheet will be the number of students present at one time.
    • Example: 60 students distributed with half T and half R would be 30 “Distance Cap Needed”
    • Example: 60 students distributed evenly between M, W, and F would be 20 “Distance Cap Needed”
  • Put the following in SSATEXT: “This section will have distributed classroom attendance with supplemental online instruction.  You will receive an email from our department with specific attendance directives.”


Q. Do you have training materials on your website?

A. Yes! We have tips and tricks at


Q. Do you have a list of FMS controlled rooms with capacities?

A. You can use the list on our website at Please note that demand may cause this list to fluctuate from what is currently showing.