Review the requirements for your degree below. More general requirements can be found in our Student Code.

Bachelor’s Degree

A candidate for a bachelor’s degree must:

  • Meet University requirements with respect to registration, residence, general education, and English, and the minimum scholarship requirements of the student’s college or division.
  • Pass the subjects prescribed in his or her curriculum.
  • Conform to the requirements of his or her curriculum in regard to electives and total number of hours required for graduation.

More information on graduation requirements may be found in our Academic Catalog. For further descriptions of a program itself, refer to the specific college or division:

Graduate & Professional Degrees

We offer advanced degrees in more than 100 fields of study. In addition to the master’s and doctoral degrees available in many disciplines, a number of departments provide work leading to other graduate degrees. Among these are master’s and doctoral degrees in professional and performing arts fields and various master’s degrees in teaching.

Descriptions of graduate degrees are given in the appropriate departmental sections of the Academic Catalog. More detailed descriptions of graduate programs and the requirements for the degrees may be obtained from the individual departments.

We offer professional degree programs in Law, Medicine, and Veterinary Medicine. Click on the links below for more details on these programs.