Summer 2020 Graduate & Professional Campus Fees

Due to the prohibition of face-to-face classes for Summer semester, students enrolled in any part of the summer semester will be charged the following fees:

$196 General Fee
$696 Health Insurance Fee*, unless approved to opt out or admitted as non-degree via the CITL Office

*Health Insurance Fee is the only campus fee for which a student can request to opt out.  If you are not automatically charged for health insurance, but need insurance coverage, contact the Student Health Insurance Office. Students enrolled in absentia are not charged or eligible for university health insurance.

Other Fees

$119 Health Service Fee (applies to graduate students holding a waiver generating appointment to ensure they have access to services guaranteed by their contract.) All other students seeking McKinley Health and the Counseling Center services may pay this fee directly at the McKinley Business Office to obtain those services.
$35 International Student Fee (applies to international graduate students in campus based programs)
$12.50 Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP; applies to College of Law students only)
$41.67 Long-term Disability Insurance (applies to Carle Illinois College of Medicine students only)