Fall 2016 Processing Calendar

Time Frame


August 1

Office of the Registrar (OR) sends final exam schedulers a comprehensive list of courses, with notation of those that are marked with a 1F.

August 24

OR sends reminder email about marking courses with 1F indicator. OR starts accepting special requests.

September 7

Deadline for departments to mark all courses that will schedule a final exam in Banner.

September 8

OR sends the non-combined finals schedule to final exam schedulers; OR continues accepting special requests.

September 21

Deadline for extra space, combined, arranged, and conflict requests.

September 22

OR begins scheduling in the following priority order: Extra Space, Combined, Arranged, Conflict.

September 29

Preview exam site goes live. Schedulers should verify exam assignments and request changes/corrections.

October 6

Final exam schedule is posted by course on the Course Explorer and comprehensively on our site; schedulers notify instructors of room assignments.