Fall 2019 Guide for Dropping or Withdrawing from Nonstandard Courses

The information listed pertains to course sections that are not offered in any of the standard University parts of term such as POT 1 (full semester), POT A (first 8 weeks), POT B (second 8 weeks) etc. which have established refund and withdrawal schedules. Such course sections are referred to as NONSTANDARD. Nonstandard sections will not have a Part of Term listed in the Class Schedule. Day counts represent calendar days, not just workweek days and are based upon the published start date of the section.

If Dropping means dropping one or more nonstandard courses while remaining enrolled in at least one course during the semester.

If Withdrawing means dropping ALL courses for the semester after the first day of instruction. If you are only enrolled in 1 course, then dropping that course requires withdrawal. Refund percentages listed refer to each nonstandard course section based on the start and withdrawal dates.

Course SubjectCourse NumberCRNIf Dropping:% RefundGrade of W?If Withdrawing:% RefundGrade of W?
CHEM49469239by midnight March 24
100%NoMarch 2390%No
CHEM49469239March 25 - March 29
0%NoMarch 2480%No
CHEM49469239March 30 - April 6
0%YesMarch 2570%No
CHEM49469239March 26 - March 27
CHEM49469239March 28 - March 29
CHEM49469239March 30
CHEM49469239March 31 - April 6
ACCY50369208January 15 - January 20
100%NoJanuary 15 - January 20
ACCY50369208January 21 - February 11
0%NoJanuary 21 - January 27
ACCY50369208February 12 - March 10
0%YesJanuary 28 - February 3
ACCY50369208February 4 - February 10
ACCY50369208February 11 - February 17
ACCY50369208February 18 - March 10