Final Grades

Final grade submission deadlines for the current term are available on the Office of the Registrar grade processing schedule. Missing grades can cause a significant hardship for students, particularly for those graduating, on academic probation, needing verification of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for continuing financial aid, or needing to satisfy prerequisites. Instructors have until the final grade entry deadline to submit grades and should be submitted within 72 hours of the end of the final examination in the course.  This is to allow for system processing time especially in fall semesters with compressed timelines due to campus approved Holiday schedules. Prior to entering final grades, please review the explanation of grades for additional information on the University of Illinois grading system.

Failure to submit final grades by the grade entry deadline for a student and/or course will result in the student or students receiving an “NR” (Not Reported) grade on their academic record. Any student that receives an “NR” grade may be negatively impacted during the academic standing and financial aid eligibility review processes for subsequent terms.

Please refer to our Final Grade Entry Tips page for additional information on common questions and scenarios that you may encounter during your submission of final grades.

Final Grade Entry Instructions

Before entering final grades, all faculty members are required to Establish an Enterprise ID in order to access the Faculty Self-Service system. (Required if you have not previously accessed the Faculty Self-Service system)

Follow these steps to use the “Enhanced” final grade entry interface:

  1. Login to Faculty Self-Service
  2. Select “Faculty & Advisor Services.”
  3. Select “Faculty Services.”
  4. Select “Enhanced Grade Entry (Mid-Term & Final).”
  5. Select the “Final Grades” tab on the grade entry page. A list of sections that have students which require final grades will display on the page below.
  6. After selecting a section, the class roster will display below the selected course. Final grades can be assigned to individual students by using the drop-down box or by typing in the respective letter grade. Only applicable grades can be entered or selected in this field. Instructors who wish to enter final grades for multiple students can use the “Import/Export” feature that can be found by clicking the “gear/cog” icon next in the top, right-hand corner of the page or by pressing “Alt+L” to see the Tools menu. Please refer to the Final Grade Entry Instructional Document (PDF) for additional information.
  7. Be sure to select the “Save” button at the bottom of the class list to submit the final grades that have been entered.
  8. Repeat steps 5 through 7 for each section that requires final grades to be entered.

Follow these steps to use the traditional interface for entering final grades:

  1. Login to Faculty Self-Service
  2. Select ”Faculty & Advisor Services.”
  3. Select ”Faculty Services.”
  4. Select “Final Grade Entry.”
  5. Select a specific term and a specific class section (CRN) to begin grade entry. If the CRN is not displayed, contact your department.
  6. Each student who is registered for that term in the specific class section is displayed alphabetically, along with their University Identification Number (UIN), number of credit hours enrolled, and registration status.
  7. To assign a grade for an individual student in each specified class section, use the dropdown box that appears in the Grade column. A student will not receive credit for the course without a final grade assignment. To assign a grade for multiple students in each specified class section, refer to our Mass Grade Entry Tool Instructions (PDF).
  8. When submitting a grade of “F” or “U,” the “Last Attend Date” must be populated. In addition, for any student who never attended, update the “Attend Hours” field.
  9. To save the grades you have entered, select “Submit.” It is recommended that you submit and save your grades often (it is not necessary to enter and submit grades all at once).
  10. Repeat steps 5 through 9 for each section that requires final grades to be entered.

Review the Last Attendance Date and Attendance Hours Guidelines.

Additional Information

  • Grades entered during the final grade submission period are not official until the Banner performed grade roll process has been completed. Instructors have the ability to modify all final grades submitted in Faculty Self-Service until the final grade entry deadline. After the final grade entry deadline passes, grades are no longer able to be entered or modified in Faculty Self-Service.
  • Final grade roll process copies a student’s course and submitted grade information from registration into academic history. This process automatically triggers any grade substitution rule that may exist for the course or student registration record. For example, a student that is registered for a CR/NC (Credit/No Credit) grading option will receive the appropriate CR or NC grade after the grade roll process has completed. Instructors will enter a standard letter grade for the student and the Banner grade roll process will automatically convert the letter grade into either CR or NC based on the established rules.
  • Grades that have been rolled to academic history are officially part of a student’s academic transcript. Any grade corrections submitted after the grade roll process will not be reflected in registration and can only been viewed in academic history.
  • Information for instructors regarding grade corrections after the final grade submission deadline is available on the “Correcting or Submitting Grades After the Deadline” webpage.

Please contact the Academic Records Unit within the Office of the Registrar at or 217-333-9774 if you have any questions or require assistance.