Admission Information for Employees

If you are interested in taking classes at the university, refer to the information and policies below to determine how to proceed.

Undergraduate/Graduate Non-Degree Applicants

If you are interested in taking courses as a part-time, non-degree student but do not intend to earn a degree from the university, you will need to submit the non-degree application.

Undergraduate/Graduate Degree Applicants

If you are interested in earning a degree from the university, refer to the appropriate level degree-seeking application

Course Approval

Non-Degree class registration requests require approval from the department offering the course. The Non-Degree application portal will list available course options then submitting the application will start the process of acquiring the necessary approvals. Application status updates will be provided via email after submission.


Prior to enrolling, employees should discuss with their supervisors any arrangements that will be necessary for course(s) taken during working hours.

Tuition and Fee Waivers for Employees

University of Illinois employees who are also enrolled students may be eligible for tuition and fee waivers. Detailed information about eligibility for those waivers is included in the Student Code (Section 3-503). Some programs are exempt from tuition and fee waiver eligibility.

More Information

For further information on our policies, refer to the following websites: