Web Form Directions

Web form is for schedulers only; it is not intended for student or instructor use. Only one exam can be requested per form.

1: Exam Type

Choose the exam type. If you are unsure what type of exam you should request, visit the Exam Type page located in the navigation bar. If you have a problem with a non-combined exam, contact us.

2: Subject

Enter the subject.

3: Course Number

Enter the course number.

4: CRN

Enter the CRN. For a cross-listed course, enter the cross-listed information in #5. For a combined exam, put the first subject, course number, and CRN in #2, #3, and #4. All remaining sections to be combined should be listed in #5.

5: Additional Exam Sections

List all additional sections for this exam here. List all cross-lists and sections to be combined. If it is every section, you can just type “ALL” and the entry will say ALL instead of listing out every CRN.

6: Enrollment

Enter the enrollment. This is the number of students registered, not the maximum allowed.

7: Seats Needed

Enter the number of seats needed. If your enrollment is 200 and you want double seating, you would need 400 seats.

8: Extra Space Exam Time and Date

For an extra space exam, enter the exam time and date. This is the non-combined exam time and date. Having this information helps us find your original exam room, date, and time so that we can either add an additional room or release your original room if we are moving the entire exam. Due to the volume of final exam requests, it saves us a lot of time if we do not have to look up this information for each change.

9, 10, 11: Combined, Arranged, or Conflict Exam Time and Date Request

If requesting a combined, arranged, or conflict exam, please enter the time and date requested. Please pick the exam time and date in order of preference. If you prefer a certain day over a certain time, you can pick every time during that day. This will tell us that you will take any time during that day. (For example, if you really want Friday, May 8, you can put an “X” in May 8 and an “X” in every time slot.)