Suppressed Directory Information

Students have the right to require that directory information about them not be disclosed. To make this request, a student must submit a “Request to Suppress Directory Information” to the Office of the Registrar. Students who request suppression of directory information usually do so because of serious, even dangerous, circumstances. It is critical that their absolute privacy be protected in every situation.

If a student has elected to suppress directory information, the University will respond to inquiries as follows: “There is no information available for any student by that name.”

In carrying out your responsibilities at the University, you may use suppressed directory information only as necessary to meet the direct educational needs of the student. For example, the student’s name and address may be used in a mailing to inform the student of registration deadlines.

Do not reveal suppressed information to anyone who does not need it to complete official University duties directly related to the student’s educational needs. This restriction applies to all forms of communication, both written and verbal.