Venue Information

Review all of Lincoln Hall Theatre’s venue information below.

Loading & Parking

There is very little parking in the vicinity—just a few spaces on the street and in the lot immediately to the south of the building. Load-in is difficult; even though there is a back door to the theatre, there is no way to unload a truck or car there.


There is a 400 amp 3-phase panel on stage, but access can only be granted through a Union electrician.


There are 610 seats, all on the first floor. Balcony seating is no longer usable for students or patrons.

Dressing Room

  • There is a Green Room downstairs that seats 15 and has a video screen to view what is currently on stage.
  • There are 2 locker rooms/restrooms for changing and taking showers.
  • There is a hallway downstairs with room for 20+ people.


There are clear coms useful for communicating from the stage level to the booth, which contains the sound and lighting controls.

Stage Dimensions

  • Proscenium width: 29.5 feet
  • Depth to back wall: 35 feet


There are 3 fly rails usable to backstage rigging.


There is a front curtain as well as a curtain halfway back that may also be used as legs.


There is a large screen for showing videos/PowerPoints in conjunction with the Integrated Teaching System (ITS).