Venue Information

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Loading & Parking

There is very little parking in the vicinity—just a few spaces on the street and in the lot immediately to the north of the building. Load-in is difficult as there is no direct path, and any entrance has several sets of stairs to get in. In addition, there is no ramp or lift to get items onto the stage.


There are 314 seats maximum when all seats are in working order.
Gregory Hall
Gregory Hall


There is no dressing room, only small stairwells on stage left and stage right. We usually recommend reserving nearby classrooms.
Gregory Hall

Stage Dimensions

  • Proscenium width: 25 feet
  • Stage depth: 20 feet


There is a front curtain and back curtain, as well as side curtains that only the electrician can lower or raise.
Gregory Hall


There is a large screen for showing videos/PowerPoints in conjunction with the Integrated Teaching System (ITS).