Request A Space

To request a space, follow the appropriate guidelines below.

Registered Organizations and Registered Student Organizations

If you’re recognized as a Registered Organization or Registered Student Organization, complete the Registered Organization Event Request Form and submit it to the Illini Union Office of Registered Organizations (284 Illini Union) for approval.  A helpful guide in completing the space request form and general tips on getting the space you want can be found here.

University Organizations

If you’re a University Organization (a college, department, division, or other academic administrative unit), please use our online event templates to request a space (no login required). The box in the upper right corner contains links to our request forms. Please note, you must be on a UIUC network computer or UIUC VPN to access. When using VPN, you must have your group setting as “Tunnel All”.

Tips for Completing Request Templates

Other Organizations

All other interested parties should contact Facility Management and Scheduling to discuss reservation eligibility in accordance with the Student Code and Campus Administrative Manual.