Request A Space

UIUC COVID-19 Guidelines

Restore Illinois Meetings and Social Events Guidelines

To request a space, follow the appropriate guidelines below.

Registered Organizations and Registered Student Organizations

To request a space as a RSO you will need to first fill out a form with the Student Engagement office (formerly the RSO office) online through their ENGAGE portal. Once the Student Engagement office provides event approval, your request will then be routed to Facility Management and Scheduling (FMS) electronically for space consideration. Confirmations will come directly from our office.

Due to changes with the event approval process, a reduction in available space and campus safety considerations, please note the following limitations/changes:

  • All requests require a minimum of three (3) business days advance notice. This time starts when FMS receives the form. Since there is additional processing time at the Student Engagement Office, it is best to submit requests at LEAST one week before your event date.
  • To allow all groups access to event space, we have imposed the following per-organization request limits:
    • For a single day event, you can request up to 4 rooms (either simultaneously or over the course of the day). 
    • For a weekly event, you can request up to two days per week and two rooms simultaneously (up to 4 rooms total). 
    • Within any given week (Monday through the following Sunday), you may not have more than 4 rooms reserved regardless of meeting frequency. 
    • FMS reserves the right to impose further limitations on space to individual groups who exceed these limits or violate the spirit of the rules.

No reservations will be accepted for dates past November 20, 2020 at this point in time.

University Organizations

If you’re a University Organization (a college, department, division, or other academic administrative unit), please use our online event templates to request a space (no login required). The box in the upper right corner contains links to our request forms. Please note, you must be on a UIUC network computer or UIUC VPN to access. When using VPN, you must have your group setting as “Tunnel All”.

Tips for Completing Request Templates

Other Organizations

All other interested parties should contact Facility Management and Scheduling to discuss reservation eligibility in accordance with the Student Code and Campus Administrative Manual.