Facility Management and Scheduling Contacts

Facility Management and Scheduling in the Office of the Registrar provides essential central campus functions in the areas of future classroom preparedness, current classroom inventory and planning, classroom management and scheduling, event reservations, official listing of courses, the class schedule, and Foellinger Auditorium & Lincoln Hall Theater support. Our focus is to support the scheduling of 325 general-purpose classrooms. We regularly work with many different customers: students, Academic Units, Administrative Units, outside organizations and individuals.

Office Location

We are located in the Office of the Registrar, please check in on the first floor.

Facility Management and Scheduling / Office of the Registrar
901 W. Illinois Street, Suite 360
Urbana, Illinois 61801-3446

Tel: (217) 333-1230
Fax: (217) 333-3100

Staff Directory

  • Associate Registrar for Facility Management and Scheduling
    • Kristin McMurray, (217) 244-4334
  • Senior Assistant Registrar for Facility Management and Scheduling
    • Deb Forgacs, (217) 265-9838
  • Campus Instructional Facility
    • Eric Vetter, (217) 333-0534
  • Courses of Instruction & Academic Catalog
  • Class Scheduling
  • Facility Reservations & Special Events
  • Final Exams
    • Chase Driskell, (217) 333-1230
    • Email requests: fms-reserve@illinois.edu
    • Support during Final Exams week, (217) 333-1230
  • Foellinger Auditorium, Lincoln Hall Theater, Gregory Hall 112
    • Terry Dederich, (217) 300-7975