Daily Events/Building Hours

Facility Management and Scheduling regularly posts a list of all events scheduled in classrooms and select outdoor locations, excluding academic classes listed in the University of Illinois Class Schedule.

The Daily Event Summary displays the event name, start and end time, location, responsible department or organization, and contact. It helps to keep campus units, including Facilities and Services and the Division of Public Safety, aware of what is happening in and around the areas that we control. The Opening and Closing Orders for Buildings lists hours for the majority of campus buildings.

NOTE: We are on a reduced COVID-19 Building Open/Closed schedule until further notice. Please see the schedule below. The notation “LOCKED” means the building is closed to the public. Faculty/Staff with card and key access should still be able to access any building they previously had access to for essential business.

Below is an outline of how to request a building re-open (for buildings that are locked):

  1. Consult all building stakeholders and reach consensus on open hours.  
  2. Unit head will submit request form for each facility requesting change.  
  3. Indicate new hours for weekdays and weekends.  
  4. Facility Management and Scheduling (FMS) will publish a new building hour schedule each Thursday that will go into effect the following Monday. Requests must be received by 5:00 pm CDT Wednesday for consideration for the following Monday.  
  5. FMS will notify requestor and others stakeholders such as Facilities and Services, Division of Public Safety, Card Access, and others of approved building hour changes.

Buildings will remain locked per the below schedule unless the above process is followed, and any approved changes will be reflected below.