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FERPA Training

The Office of the Registrar offers two delivery methods: Classroom Training and Online Training.

FERPA Classroom Training

Classroom training is presented by staff from the Office of the Registrar and includes a PowerPoint presentation and time for questions about specific issues.  View information about FERPA classroom training.

FERPA  Online Tutorial

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

The purpose of this tutorial is to provide basic FERPA training for UIUC faculty and staff. The University is legally and ethically obligated to protect the confidentiality of student records. To be granted access to student records, you must review this tutorial and complete a brief quiz.

What should I expect to gain from this tutorial?

  • Knowledge of laws and policies governing acceptable use and release of student records.
  • An understanding of your responsibilities in complying with these laws and policies.
  • An understanding of how to protect a student's right to privacy.


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FERPA Training Completion

Unit Security Contacts (USCs) can verify that FERPA training has been completed for an Illinois faculty, staff or student using the link below. Authorization is required to be able to access the FERPA training listing. Contact Office of the Registrar Security with any access questions or problems.

Verify FERPA Training Completion