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Drop a Class UI-Integrate Self-Service

You may also drop a class on the Add/Drop Classes screen. To drop a class, select "Drop" from the drop-down menu listed below the "Action" column for a specific class you wish to drop, then click the "Submit Changes" button at the bottom of the screen.

Before dropping classes, be sure you understand the possible consequences. You may be required to maintain full-time status or a certain number of credit hours as part of your program requirements. Dropping below full-time status may impact your financial aid. International students should obtain permission from their international student office before dropping classes. Select "Dropping Classes" on the Add/Drop Classes screen for more information about program requirements.

You will not be permitted to drop your last class for the term. If you wish to drop all of your classes, select "Withdraw from Term/Cancel Registration" from the "Registration" menu for instructions.

Note: Unlike UI-Direct, UI-Integrate Self-Service has no "Exchange" function. You cannot exchange one section for another.

Screen:  Drop Classes

After adding or dropping classes, verify your schedule. The Student Schedule - Detail screen displays information about your class enrollment and schedule.

Screen: Student Schedule - Detail

Finally, to safely end your UI-Integrate Self-Service session, log out using the EXIT link provided in the top right corner of the screen. Then close all your web browser windows before leaving your computer.

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